All Seasons Cricket Pitch*

The Maddocks Sports All-Seasons Pitch* is a synthetic grass cricket pitch, which converts easily and cheaply into a soft grass surface for winter sports of all codes (AFL Footy, Soccer, Rugby).

It is the first new idea in permanent cricket surfaces since synthetic grass came in the 1980’s, as the days of coir matting & malthoid disappeared.

The All-Seasons Pitch* is the only hard-wicket surface that does not need to be covered over for winter sports.

No need to cover the pitch at all!

Never again will you be required to pile on soil or sandy loam over the centre pitch for winter, nor will you need a synthetic grass winter cover!

The Maddocks Sports All Seasons Pitch* itself becomes the soft winter surface, saving all the labour and mess of covering the pitch, only to have it removed 6 months later.

How does the All-Seasons Pitch* work ?

  1. The pitch is laid on a normal concrete slab.
    First, we fit a specially formulated rubber shock-pad to the concrete — this gives a firm base for cricket (ideal for correct bounce and spin), yet is pliable enough to help soften the surface for winter sports

  2. The next step is to lay a medium pile-height, non-abrasive polyethylene synthetic grass surface to the shock-pad. This grass is manufactured to our exact design to give good results for cricket.

  3. Once cricket is over, inexpensive rubber particles are broomed into the whole pitch surface to soften it for winter. The more rubber, the softer the surface becomes. Football, Soccer etc have a flat, firm yet soft, non-abrasive surface to run over for the winter seasons.

  4. At the end of winter, the rubber particles need to be removed. This is done best by water blasting the granules completely off the pitch surface.

Join the growing team of local councils, cricket & football clubs already enjoying the benefits of the All Seasons Pitch*

We have already installed around 200 All Seasons Pitches* since 2005 and have had both senior & junior matches played for several seasons.

Clubs in general (both cricket and winter sports) are very happy with the results. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the All Seasons Pitch* with a club official. We can also send photos if you would like.

In 2008 we conducted a survey of cricket clubs using the “Mark 2” version of the pitch. This version was introduced in late 2006 in response to comments from some clubs that the original All-seasons pitches* were a bit too bouncy for junior batsmen.

The Mark 2 pitch has been adjusted to give a lower bounce, and should play a little quicker as well.

To see the survey results, click here. Please note, to see all the comments you will have to navigate around inside the spreadsheet.

Out of feedback from 29 pitch users, we got one really negative comment on the pitch. We suspect this pitch may have one or more cracks in the concrete base, which could be affecting the bounce of the ball.

Won't the cricketers complain ?

Maddocks Sports have conducted cricket ball bounce & spin tests on the All Seasons Cricket Pitch* in accordance with testing procedures for cricket pitches in the UK. Refer to the England and Wales Cricket Board website

Bounce tests from a 3 metre drop height were conducted on the Maddocks All Seasons Pitch* with both new and old cricket balls, and were compared to the results using the same balls from 3 metre drop height on both new and old synthetic grass pitches.

Spin tests were also carried out to compare the new pitch with 'normal' synthetic pitches.

In all cases tests results between the different types of pitches were almost identical, except that the All-seasons Pitch* does provide a little more bounce, it plays a little slower, and the shine stays on the ball much longer. A major Victorian university conducted tests on the pitch in 2008, and came up with very similar conclusions

Many of the clubs who play on the All Seasons Pitch* have clarified that the pitch plays very similar to a regular synthetic wicket; almost all have been very impressed with the results.

The All Seasons Pitch* surface is more forgiving for the delivering bowlers (i.e. not so hard to run on). Also, it allows good grass growth right up to the edges of the pitch all year, which looks fantastic!

Surely the footballers wont like it !

Footy & soccer clubs love having grass pitch covers instead of mounds of dirt in the middle of the ground!

So if the Maddocks Sports All Seasons Pitch* is a soft-spongy grass surface, our experience indicates the winter sports will be happy as well as the cricketers.

We have conducted testing for surface hardness with a Clegg Hammer (used by councils to measure the hardness of football grounds to ensure they are safe to play on).

An acceptable level of surface hardness for football is a reading of up to 13 on the Clegg Hammer— above this is considered too hard for football.

Our tests on the All Seasons Pitch* with the extra rubber granules for winter sport, showed consistent readings averaging 10 with the Clegg Hammer.

This proves the All Seasons Pitch* is soft enough for winter sports, although we have found that senior mens rugby may require a softer surface than this.

The Bottom Line

The Maddocks All Seasons Pitch* is only $5, 950 + GST for a 60 square metre centre pitch.

Because the All Seasons Pitch* synthetic is not crushed every year, all indications are that it should last around twice as long as a 'regular' synthetic pitch.

(Ever noticed that practice wickets last longer than a centre pitch?; its because they're never covered in winter!)

Maddocks Sports provide easy to follow conversion instructions, yet can also perform the conversions for you.

For only $280 + GST for a winter conversion (incl. rubber), or $240 + GST for a summer conversion, ask the team at MADDOCKS SPORTS for more information about our conversions.

Another advantage of the All Seasons Pitch* is Cricket balls are lasting twice as long because of the non-abrasive synthetic surface.

* Australian Patent Granted